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Dear Business Partners,
due to the start of loading of the refreshed Hyundai Tucson model in Nosovice this week, i.e. from CW15, I would like to kindly advise drivers to carefully check their cars during the quality control. Any irregularities should be reported to the yard staff before the car leaves the storage area.

Examples of damage:

  • paint defects at the junction of bumper and wheel arch elements
  • paint defects, e.g. painted over inclusions under the paint on the door sills.

Examples of damage in the attachment..


Damage reporting.

At the Hyundai factory in Nosovice, the following procedure applies for reporting damage to the yard staff:

  • The driver goes to the location where the car to be loaded is located, checks it and, if any damage is detected, reports this fact to the Truck Assistant (a yard employee driving around the yard in a car with a large TA sign on the door).
  • Before reporting the damage, the driver must not start the car or move it from the storage place.
  • The reported car will be repaired or replaced with another one free from damage.
  • If the driver drives the car to the car transporter's loading place to report a damage there, such a report will not be valid and the damage will be the responsibility of the driver.
  • No damage reports are issued in Nosovice, and no damage entry is made in the CMR.
  • When checking cars before loading, drivers should check the condition of the protective foil on the bonnet and roof. In the case of damaged foil, this fact should be reported to the yard staff. At the Hyundai factory in Nosovice, the foil will be glued or replaced with a new one.
  • In the event of the foil breaking off the car during transport, the driver should note this fact in the CMR item 18 and send a photo of the car with the broken foil to the phone number 605 607 162. This will be the basis for rejecting the claim in case of scratches on the paintwork.

Customer requirements are the most important!!!

Port koper



On March 1, driver operations procedures were changed in Luka port in Koper.
The procedure has been simplified by one step. From now on, after unloading, drivers no longer have to report to the port office for an unloading certificate with a list of damages (vskladiščenje).


Below are the changed procedures:

  1. 1. VBS System entry: Prior to entering the port, drivers must mandatory enter both unloading and loading PIN numbers in the VBS system and merge them correctly
  2. 2. Office check-in: When entering the port, they must report to Glovis office first. This is a very important step, so we can consistently record arrival in real time.
  3. 3. Terminal office check-in: After reporting in our office, they must report to the port office of the car terminal, where they get the position for unloading and loading
  4. 4. Finished unloading/loading operations: If they have only unloading (export), they can come directly to us and skip the port office. If they have also loading (import), they must first visit the port office to get the certificate of loading (izskladiščenje) and only then with this certificate visit our office.
  5. 5. Saturdays operations: Saturdays unloading must be announced to us via email on Friday. Saturdays drivers must leave us in Glovis drawer all the documents received at loading place – CMR, MRN, Invoice. Confirmed CMR you will receive via email or next time driver visits Port of Koper.
  6. 6.Additional: Changes in plate numbers must be notified in advance to ensure seamless operations.


From 1st March on Nitra compound will apply new rules. The most important changes:

  • Ppint 16.

Each driver MUST take one container right after parking the truck and place it near the truck in case of oil leakage. In case of oil leakage, this container has to be moved under the leaking spot to minimize oil spreading and environmental hazard impact. 3 negative records = permanent ban from JLR

  • Ppint 20.
    After loading each vehicle, immediately secure it with 4 lashes and 4 chocks

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