Concerning people who enter the compound of Adampol JSC.

1. People while moving outside the office buildings must wear the reflecting waistcoat.

2. People while moving outside the office buildings must wear the reflecting waistcoat.

3. People wearing sandals, flip-flops and shorts are forbidden to entry the Adampol compound (long trousers are mandatory).

4. People with the symptoms of tiredness, after drinking alcohol or taking some psychotropic drugs and narcotics are forbidden to enter the Adampol compound. If there is a reasonable suspicion that a person staying on the compound is under the influence of alcohol or other intoxicants, compound employees may prohibite any activity (work) for this person. In addition, such a person will be asked to leave the compound.

5. Third parties are authorized to stay at the compound only after obtaining the prior permission of the authorized company representatives.

6. Employees are required to have valid medical examination certificate.

7. The driver who performs all work on the car transporter is obliged to put on a clean work overalls (disposable overalls and shorts – 3/4 pants are allowed), safety shoes, protective gloves, a reflective vest

8. People who work at the compound are required to comply with instructions for the use of vehicles, tools and equipment.

9.It is forbidden to transport the passengers in the cab of car transporter except for the rescue situations.

10. The mobile phones must be used according to the driving rules.

11. The speed limit at the compound for car transporters is 10 km/h and for private cars – up to 20 km/h.

12. People while moving at the compound are obliged to comply with the horizontal and vertical signs and with the orders of the Quality Control Employee – Compound Coordinator or Security Guard.

13. If there is the inclination of the compound surface all car transporters while loading and unloading must have one wheel protected with the chock in the direction of the inclination.

14. The driver cannot get out from the vehicle if the engine is on.

15. It is strictly forbidden to smoke outside the permitted areas.

16. The driver is obliged to fulfill the loading and unloading according to “The instructions of loading, driving and unloading IR-03_03”.

17. Requirements for the technical condition of car transporters and drivers’ protective clothing are regulated by “Drivers’ work & car transporters – technical check instruction IR-14/02”.

People at the compound are obliged to comply with the above mentioned rules. In case the above mentioned rules are not obeyed – sanctions will be applied both to the staff of the company and to subcontractors.