1. Delivery of vehicles to the recipient:

  1. Delivery of vehicles takes place during the consignee’s working hours or after working hours by agreement with the consignee and the dispatcher.

2. Unloading of vehicles

  1. When unloading, the provisions in force at the unloading site must be observed.
  2. Special care should be taken to:
    • Set up two inrun correctly
    • Remove unnecessary items from decks
    • Driver – unlock only the car you will be unloading at the moment.

3. Assumption of responsibility and notification of damage

  1. The driver’s responsibility ends when the consignee signs the transport document.

4. Driving a car down a sloping deck

  1. It is forbidden to drive the car down the autotransporter in neutral gear using only the slope of the decks. It is necessary to descend with the gear engaged.